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What is provides prepaid phone card users with a system to recharge phone cards online quickly and easily.

If you have been directed to to recharge your prepaid phone card, please login with the email and password you used when first activating your card.

If you are a Phone Card Wholesaler or Distributor and you would like to find out how can add value to your business, email

How do I recharge my phone card? makes adding minutes to your prepaid phone card easy! Simply login to your account with your email address and password (or create one if you’re a new user). You will then be able to add as much value to your card as you want.

Does sell phone cards?
No. provides a place for you to add more minutes to your prepaid phone card when it has run out.

How do I recharge my promotional calling card?
If you are a returning customer simply log into your account otherwise let our system test your pin to determine if it is rechargeable and then create an account if you are a new user.

I recharged, but my money wasn't deposited to my card?
Please email us at or call us at 1-866-299-3937. We will try to correct your balance accordingly.

How long does it typically take to recharge my pin?
Immediately. Once your credit card has been run and an approval message has been displayed, your pin should be recharged.

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